Google Summer Of Code, I am in!

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The beginning

I heard online about this fantastic opportunty called GSoC few years ago, and later talking with a teacher about it I even foud out that she partecipated as a mentor. But my problem was the lack of free time. It ended up in a fork: graduate on time or apply for GSoC. It was not easy and I ended up dismissing the GSoC.

Fast forward to November 2016 when I spoke with a Red Hat employee that at the time did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. The conversation ended with him suggesting me to consider the GSoC. He applied as a studend few years earlier and now nearly every year he applies as a mentor.

The almost forgotten GSoC returned. This time, without the lack of free time problem, I seriously considered this opportunty.

I ended up contributing and applying only for a single GNOME project. Fortunately the rule “better fewer but better” proved to be correct and few weeks ago I was accepted!

The project

I have a passion for Python, GNOME and security. Because of this applying for the GNOME Keysign project turned out to be an easy choice.

Currently, GNOME Keysign transfers keys only via a local area network (LAN). This project is about to add Bluetooth and Magic Wormhole as alternatives key transport methods with the goal to further facilitate the OpenPGP keys signing process.

My mentor is Tobias Mueller and my co-mentor is Andrei Macavei.

Here you can find the wiki page of the project.




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